Did you know . . .


In 1852, frontier trader Ashley Riggs coined the name “Cold Springs” in reference to the numerous natural springs in the area.  Several years later Richard Strout surveyed the town site for settlement using this name.



After a massive wave of grasshoppers invaded the area, local residents in 1877 constructed a chapel in thanksgiving for their departure.  In 1894 a cyclone destroyed this chapel as it traveled north from Kimball to St. John’s Abby.  Some years later in 1952 residents again rebuilt the structure this time using granite.



Bavarian Michael Sargl started a brewery in 1874 that grew with the town.  Although it looks quite different today, the Cold Spring Brewing Company still occupies the same site.  



The Farmer’s Home is the oldest commercial building in Cold Spring.  Built in 1875, the building has always been a bar and operates as Winner’s Bar and Grill today.



In 1929, Albert Kahn of Detroit, Michigan designed a large, steel-framed building for Cold Spring Granite Company that was noted for its innovative style and efficiency.  Kahn’s building design set a standard for industrial architecture around the world.  The building is still used today.


Cold Spring Baseball Park was built in 1950 and modeled after Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Baseball has been played on the site since 1923 and remains a player and fan favorite as a great place to enjoy the game.