Public Works Department


Jon Stueve (Public Works Director)



Public Works is comprised of several different areas.

Buildings and Grounds:

Cutting, trimming and pruning of trees and vegetation, removal of dead or diseased trees.
Assists in conducting necessary repairs to City facilities including painting, roofing, siding, masonry, minor remodeling, and the like.
Operates garden tractors, riding lawn mowers, packer, drag, chainsaw, weed sprayer, weed eater as part of grounds maintenance when necessary.


Streets Maintenance:
Maintenance and repair of city streets, including patching holes using a bituminous coal mix, sweeping, sanding and plowing. 
Operates a street sander, loader, plow, snowblower and dump trucks, along with attachments.
May have primary responsibility for painting curbs, streets and the like.


Wastewater Treatment:
Transporting and applying sludge during the fall and spring seasons.
Cleans wastewater treatment plant infrastructure.
Assists in the jetting of sanitary sewer mains on scheduled basis.


Water Utility:
Services wells, hydrants, meters, pumps and pump controls.
Assists in the monitoring of monthly drawdowns and static levels in water supply wells.
Collects and occasionally tests water samples for required testing of bacteria and nitrates.
Reading of water meters. 
Installs meters and remotes for new utility customers and repairs nonworking meters and remotes