Rocori Area TV

Rocori Area TV is the local public access television station for the communities of Richmond, Cold Spring and Rockville.  For area residents this is Channel 10 on your local television.  There is always something new on Rocori Area TV, so tune in for the current news on community events and coverage of local government meetings.  

The latest City Council meetings from Richmond, Cold Spring, and Rockville are part of the weekly programing at Rocori Area TV.  In addition, Stearns County Commissioners meetings and other meetings of interest are also broadcast for the community's convenience, since it is sometimes difficult to attend all meetings in person.  This way residents can still be informed of current issues and decisions being made in their communities.


Local government meetings aren't the only thing that Rocori Area TV covers.  They also capture many community events and programs including sporting events, musical concerts, educational field trips and tours.  If you have a event that you would like to share with the community, give Rocori Area TV a call.  


Rocori Area TV has a Community Bulletin Board to keep the community aware of current activities and events taking place in our area.  The Community Bulletin Board runs whenever Rocori Area TV is between programing. Community and non-profit organizations are welcome to send their event information to be broadcast on the bulletin board.  If you have an announcement or event that you would like to submit, please contact Rocori Area TV at 685-4923, email at either or drop announcements off at the Rocori Area TV office. 

Do you have an idea for a program?  Digital camcorders are available along with instruction on use, technique and editing for capturing community events that can be broadcast on Rocori Area TV.  You could host your very own talk show or make up a new television program.  Even if you do not know how to use a camcorder but would still like to have a community event taped, give Rocori Area TV a call and check if they would be available to tape it for you.